We have done it! 9 months of nomadic lifestyle is over! Not only have we done it, we have enjoyed every second of it. It was a bit of a bumby road, but here we are, three seasons later, ready to move into a house again (I have missed a sofa so much. And an oven! Baked food, here I come!). We said at the start that we would go on until we got tired of living in the van, be that 1 month, 3 months or 12 months. I do not think neither of us are tired of it yet, but it feels right to stay in one place, at least for now.
We had an actual reason for rushing down south (my longing for an oven is not that great), otherwise we probably would have meandered on the forestry tracks of central Sweden a little bit more. Meet Thor, the newest addition to the Cederlund-Hutcheon family. Thor has so far, in the short 48 hours he has been a part of the clan, managed to vomit five time (off which one was on me), run straight into a barbwire fence and gotten stung by nettles. He fits right in.

  • Number of gas bottles used:  13
  • Number of kilometres driven: Many!
  • Number of nights in campervan: 83
  • Number of days skiing: 6
  • Number of times getting stuck: 1
  • Meter above sea level driving record: 692 metres
  • Longest period without a shower: 10 days
  • Number of serious arguments: 0
  • Number of times having to get jumpstarted: 4
  • Coldest temperature: -18°

The plan is to stay down south for the near foreseeable future (all visitors welcome). At least until the snow comes again and the mountains (or cross-country ski tracks…Hej hej Vasaoppet) are calling. Thank you all for following along on our journey, I hope you have had as much fun reading about it as I have had recording it! For further Thor related updates I suggest you follow our Instagram page!

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