Things we have learnt from our camper van experience

  • Only one person can be grumpy at any given time.
  • A camper van needs to be cleaned as often as a house.
  • You use a lot more electricity than you think.
  • But you use a lot less water than you think.
  • Showering really is rather overrated.
  • Emptying a cassette toilet sucks.
  • a 12V to 240V converter is an essential if you are trying to work while vanlifeing.

  • People like to stare.
  • The weather affects you way more than you think.
  • You only really need three sets of clothes.
  • Most things can be mended with duct tape and cable ties.
  • Having a flat battery is not fun at all.
  • Sweden is covered in trees.
  • Norway is covered in mountains.
  • Our countries’ 3G net is far spread and very good.

  • Always drive on. There will be a better place to stop along the way.
  • Even in the coldest weather it is really not that bad.
  • Sometimes you have to turn back.
  • We really do no need more than 6 m2 to live.
  • If a meal can be cooked with one pan it should be.
  • Driving slower (i.e. looking at the view)  is way more acceptable in a camper van.

  • It is way easier to drive than you would imagine.
  • People with nicer camper vans might not wave at you.
  • The single best thing we did was to put gym matting on the floor. Yay for warm floors.
  • Only take half what you think you need. And divide that by half again.
  • It is a lot easier to do than you would imagine. If you have any desire to do it. DO IT!

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