Our main reason for getting a move on down was to have some time to explore the Åre region a bit more. We arrived here Monday afternoon. It is almost like we have come full circle, as this was the last place we were before the accident. It felt a little sad coming back as this was the last place we were before we lost Benny and Zack. We spent a few nights in different locations here, having a little look at most of the villages in the valley.

 The weather has been spectacular. Spring has really arrived (as I type this I am sure there will be some snow tomorrow just to prove me wrong). The snow has properly melted and little yellow flowers (tussilago!) are lining the roads. The sun is actually warm.  We have been able to go for a few runs, which has further proved the point of how unfit we have become. #vanlife downfalls. Not having much snow means that we were able to find little forest trails to enjoy. I did not  care much for the massive uphill section we also found… 

Leaving the Åre valley it feels a little unreal that in less than one week’s time the adventure will be over. Looking at a map we have come so far south. It is only really two days drive to get to my parents from where we are, and then another two to get to the south. We are doing our best to enjoy this last drop of nomadic adventure, but it starting to sink it that it is ending.

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