The kilometres are swoshing away. We left Norway after only one day of driving. Despite our fondness of Norway getting back into Sweden felt nice. Hello supermarkets with more than one kind of cheese, tasty breads and just overall cheaper prices. We have gone from the mountain regions (692 metres above sea level! An absolutely gorgeous drive) back down to the forest tracks again. I know I have said it before, but Sweden really is just covered in trees. No wonder every house is made from wood.

The journey down has so far been fairly action packed when it comes to animal sightings. It seems to be prime reindeer herding time and the flocks (?) are everywhere. Sometimes with their Sapmi carers, sometimes without. We have also spotted one little fox and four herrings (the bird that is, not the fish). Keith is determined that he will see another elk before the end of the week so he is on active elk spotting duty while I drive. So far no luck though.

The lack of snow means that the little forest side tracks are possible to drive on again as well. We tempted fate the other night and drove down one, with an excellent outcome. Quiet and peaceful. Parked right by the water. We could even go for a short dip in the water. Very very short, as our feet got numb after only 30 seconds, but it was very refreshing and we did feel pretty clean afterwards!

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