We are back in the van again and it is time for the final stretch. We are heading home. Not that we actually have a home at the moment other than our home on wheels. (Which incidentally will soon be sold. Anyone in need of an amazing trust worthy campervan? With a fresh battery at that? Comfortably worn in? (The van that is, not the battery)
Keith looking home

The last time we left Norway we came back to spring, only for it to quickly go back to winter again. This time I am hoping spring will stay a little longer. In any case the plan is to make fairly fast progress south, so if nothing else we will meet spring along the way. As life gets full of work travel for Keith starting mid May onto June we have decided that being stationary is the best option for that period.

We would not be us if we did not try to make things a little trickier though. We have decided to spend the summer in the south. Warm weather, nice cabin, sunny skies (hopefully. One never really knows with Swedish summer). Here’s to driving through all (literally all!) of Sweden in 10 days! And have time to change tires and say hej-hej to the parents as well!


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