We have been beaten by the weather! Most upsetting as it led to us breaking the only hard-fast rule we have been following this entire trip: Never turning back! We were meandering our way down Lofoten, accidentally driving too far almost every single day because the road was so nice and the views so scenic (the views really are amazing. If you are wondering where to go for holidays this summer; Lofoten is the answer!)
Winds, winds, winds The weather over the Easter holidays was amazing. We had coffee in the sun, went for long walks, etc etc. Unfortunately this was not to last. A look at the weather forecast in the beginning of the week told us a storm was coming. We were not too concerned though as we had not booked our ferry until the Saturday. Our parking spot for the storm

The plan, as mentioned previously, was to get on the ferry in Moskenes and get off it in Bodö. Keith had some meetings in the UK he needed to get to we had flights booked for the Sunday. We therefore really needed to be in Bodö by Saturday night. The plan seemed fool proof. The storm was to have blown over by the end of Friday. Weather sucks!

We found a good spot, anchored down the van and decided to wait it out. Being in a campervan with 18 m/s winds and gusts is definitely an interesting experience. On Friday morning we realised that the storm had not moved as fast as we had hoped. There was a relatively large chance that the ferry would not actually leave on Saturday morning. After a bit of a discussion we decided that the safest option was to turn back. An extra 8 hours added to our journey, but at least we were 100% certain of catching that flight! It did feel a little sad to be leaving Lofoten in such a hurry…


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