To wave or not to wave. We realised early on in our campervan adventure that campervaners like to wave to each other. Every time we met a camper van we would cringe a little; had we turned into those people who wave just because they are driving a camper van?! We soon discovered that we were mainly waved at by campervaners driving vans of a similar price levels to ours. If they drove fancier, expensive vans they tended to pretend we were not there. Strangely enough the people driving the most expensive luxurious vans would happily give us a wave though.

camper van with view

The further we headed into the winter, and the further north we got the smaller the problem became. The number of vans on the road was very low. Not many people crazy enough to holiday in the middle of winter. Now however, with the return of spring and the holidays, we are seeing nothing but camper vans.

We just had to give in to the wave. It felt rude not to, right?! After one particular day of driving my arm was almost sore from all the waving. It was also rather amusing to guess who would wave and who would not. This was played until we realised the best game of them all. If we thought it felt rude not to wave back, would not the drivers of the fancier bigger vans also feel the same way? What would happen if we put on our biggest smiles and waved to them as well?!

more views from nightly spot.

They waved back! But you could tell they were not happy with it. Some waited for as long as possible before they raised their hands. Some only gave a brief hand movement while still holding on to the steering wheel. This is the best game ever! We have now turned into the most smiling, waving campervan drivers out there. I am perfecting not only the raised hand, but thinking about venturing into an actual wave motion of the hand. And if I one day feel courageous, maybe a captain’s salute?!

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  1. Johanna says: Reply

    Underbart, nu blir jag sugen pa att aka med er!!!! Glad mandag!!!

    1. AnnaCederlund says: Reply

      Haha, full fräs i cockpiten!

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