Arriving as we did on Easter Friday did however pose a few problems. Easter Friday is a “red” day in the Norwegian calendar and therefore treated like a Sunday. This means that the majority of the food stores are closed. We had cleared our cupboards of food that could go bad when we were away and now found ourselves with some carrots, a little bit of cheese and two eggs. 

We had resigned ourselves to surviving on petrol station fast food for the day when almost out of nowhere a teeny tiny supermarket kiosk appeared. Dinner was saved! Luckily for us the opening times were less strict on Easter Saturday and we managed to stock up with food for the rest of the week.

This also meant that we did not have to spend the night in the car-park of a petrol station, but could explore the area a little. This area of Norway have a large selection of rest-stop, and they are all extremely scenic. Some come with nice toilets, some with not so nice toilets. Some even come with automatic campervan-toilet emptying machines. We used it with great excitement!

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