It is time to turn south! We have reached our goal and are now heading home. Ish. With a slight detour on to Lofoten. It is funny but neither Keith nor I feel like we are done with our camper-van life. It passed way too quickly. We could have done with two more month. Possibly the two month we were out of the camper recovering.   

We are now heading on to Lofoten. At the tip of the islands we will take a ferry back to the main land. Hopefully we will get a few more days of skiing in, so we at least make it to double digits this year. So much for our goal of 50 ski-days and 150 km cross country… 

Last week was spent working and visiting in the UK. It was winter when we left, but we returned to spring. Not such a bad trade off I think! The spring weather has made driving absolutely enjoyable. The roads are clear, they are wide, but not so full of people. We got into the car at Tromsö airport, took off and all of a sudden we had driven as much as we did in two days going north. Plus, we were enjoying it! The scenery, which had been hidden with heavy snowfall going there was spectacular. That first day of driving we ended up almost at the start of Lofoten Island, our goal for this week.


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