We made it into Tromsö two days before our estimated arrival time. Perfect! Enough time to wash all our clothes (desperately needed after three weeks on the road) and give the camper a proper tidy. It was rather dusty. We also checked for moisture and dried everything out. 

Being three in the camper-van was surprisingly easy. It did help that Keith’s nephew had his own ‘bed-room’ to go into and hide when we were faffing about in the living area. We had decided that camp-siteing it would be appropriate when we were three to help with showers/toilets/washing up.

The weekend was spent in glorious “spring-winter” weather. Yes, it is a thing in Scandinavia, the fifth season. Still snowy, but with warming sun in your face. It is defined by when you can have “fika” outside for the first time! I may have fallen in love with Tromsö in the sun, and possibly told Keith we should move there. It is a beautiful town, situated on an island bordered by mountains.

We went skiing, cross-country skiing (the poor boy had to make to with my gear, which were far too big for him. Not the best way to start your XC-ski career). We had dinner outside, went snow-shoeing, took the gondola up one of the mountains to look at the northern light (a failed attempt as it did not get dark enough before we had to take the last cable-car down).

Unfortunately we were less lucky with the weather the rest of the week. Tromsö is on an island which means it is right by the sea. This means rain. Lots and lots of rain. Our little ski-holiday rained away completely with 36 consecutive hours of rain. All the lovely snow disappeared. My idea of moving to Tromsö seemed less agreeable…

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